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I just don’t build projects, I design and develop impactful products.

Connecton VPN

Connecton VPN

The number one VPN in the TON ecosystem. Carefully designed and coded a brand new landing page for the product. The goal was to communicate Connecton's voice and tone, and provide users with necessary info to get them started.

Connecton Dashboard

Connecton Dashboard

A web dashboard for Connecton VPN, giving users the opportunity to manage their account, update their billing and download configurations to use vpn service. Connecton activity at a glance.

Connecton Mini App

Connecton Mini App

With the latest Telegram update, developers had the possibility to extend bot's usage to larger web apps launched within Telegram. We designed and developed the Connecton's own mini app.

Reserva Inc

Reserva ERP

The operating system of the produce industry. Designed and coded a new landing page for the SAAS business. The goal was to present Reserva's new style, and attract new customers.



Simple crypto payments

Yudai H

Yudai Heber

I build web applications using modern javascript frameworks like Vue and React, projects carefully designed by myself on Figma, creating usable and visually appealing user interfaces, and then take those designs to code and production-ready applications, achieving great customer acquisition.

Two for the price of one, my job is to take ideas to life, if you need someone who can illustrate your thoughts or solve problems with ease, and then make those solutions available for thousands of users, well your are looking at the right professional for the job.

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